Neural network are decision tree

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Being a decision tree, we show that neural networks are indeed white boxes that are directly in- terpretable and it is possible to explain every decision made within the neural network. This sounds too good to be true, tbh. But piecewise linear activations includes ReLUs, afaik, which are pretty universal these days, so maybe?. Jan 01, 2003 · this work proposes a new system approach based on: (1) specific topologies of neural networks for different time intervals during the follow-up time of the patients, considering the events occurring in different intervals as different problems; and (2) decision trees, useful in understanding the underlying relationships in breast cancer data, for.

Shafiei A, Tatar A, Rayhani M, Kairat M, Askarova I. Artificial neural network, support vector machine, decision tree, random forest, and committee machine intelligent system help to improve performance prediction of low salinity water injection in carbonate oil reservoirs. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. 2022 Dec;219:111046. doi: 10.1016/j.petrol.2022.111046.




How to optimize decision trees . Decision trees can be prone to overfitting. To prevent overfitting, it would help to restrict the maximum depth of the tree, to set a minimum number of samples a node must have before splitting it, to set a minimum number of samples that a leaf must contain and to set a maximum number of leaves that the tree can.

Summary. Paper: Deep Neural Decision Forests (dNDFs), Peter Kontschieder, Madalina Fiterau, Antonio Criminisi, Samuel Rota Bulò, ICCV 2015. The function spaces of neural networks and decision trees are quite different: the former is piece-wise linear while the latter learns sequences of hierarchical conditional rules.