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Richard Gerber, MD, "Vibrational Medicine" Vibrational medicine takes into account all of the forms and frequencies of the vibrating energy that contribute to the multidimensional energy systems of all living things. This includes our thoughts and feelings, the subtle-energy body and our relationship to God and the world and universe as a whole.

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The ever expanding field of Sound Therapy and Vibrational Medicine is at the forefront of today's natural health movement. The OM Shoppe was founded around the simple principle that everything is vibration.. Here you'll find sound therapy instruments for professional health care practitioners, physicians, sound healers and anyone seeking to improve their well being, happiness and health.

Andreas Moritz was a medical intuitive; a practitioner of Ayurveda, iridology, shiatsu, and vibrational medicine; a writer; and an artist. Born in southwest Germany in 1954, Andreas dealt with several severe illnesses from an early age, which compelled him to study diet, nutrition and various methods of natural healing while still a child..

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