Army scout units

Brass fittings. Use with out buckle, change out the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. add your unit emblem. Used in parades.95% clean.

OSUT for 19D, Cavalry Scout is 16 weeks Fort Benning, Ga. In addition to basic soldiering skills, cavalry scouts learn to secure and prepare ammunition on scout vehicles,. The five-day event held at Fort Benning, Ga., March 1-5, tested the Soldiers both physically and on the basics of being a cavalry scout. The competition was named for retired. Cavalry Scouts wear the ACU, or Army Combat Uniform. The standard camouflage pattern issued is the OCP ( OEF) Camouflage Pattern, commonly referred to as Multicam. Two unique articles, the stetson hat as well as spurs, can be worn during special events or when directed by the chain of command.

Join the California Army National Guard. Most soldiers serve only 1 weekend per month and 2 weeks during the summer while they pursue higher education or wor.




What does a cav scout do in the army? Job Overview As a Cavalry Scout, you'll act as the eyes and ears on the field, gathering information about enemy positions, vehicles, weapons, ... The Army Stetson hat is not an authorized headgear in the Army, as per AR 670-1, but cavalry units are allowed to wear these hats at the discretion of the unit commander (normally squadron level).. Military Units ARMY The Army is composed of an active duty component and a reserve component that comprises the Army Reserve and Army National Guard. The operational Army conducts.

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